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Atom News:
Constant updates on all things Atom.

 (3/11/11) New softwarw coming out soon! Come back soon to see the all comparison shopping assistant, Antithesis.  (3/11/11) "Radom" tower in prototyping, a mid range gaming computer sure to meet your needs.
 (12/25/10) Xenon Tower design plans and updated specs posted on the Xenon Tower Page.
 (12/15/10) Happy holidays from Atom Computer!
 (2/4/10) Atom Computer Online Store closed. Complete redesign underway, set to reopen in soon. 
 (2/4/10) Xenon Tower to be released soon!      
 (12/22/09) Contract signed setting Carbon OS-1 features to be released soon.
 (12/18/09) Borealis, the premier single window web browser released.

 (12/10/09) Atom Computer Online Store closed for renovations.
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